‘Concern’ for the poor gives writer goosebumps

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Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched? When your skin crawled and chills surged up your back as if an icy hand had suddenly been thrust against your bare flesh?
If you have, you can relax and continue grocery shopping.
It could just be a recent letter-to-the-editor writer of Harriman being himself and “noticing” what other people buy in the grocery store.
According to his letter to the editor on May 13, in which he proudly admitted to being a nosey person, he has assumed the role of food policeman at some local and as yet unnamed grocery.
Apparently he is also concerned about the method of transportation used by our poor citizens who use food stamp cards, even suggesting they drive better cars than he.
Get yourself a better car!
He even wants to hear the thoughts of an average check-out person, too, so he can better monitor what poor people buy with food stamp debit cards.
Apparently, he would like to see lines of obese poor Roane Countians struggling along our highways and roadways to and from grocery stores lugging heavy sacks of junk food and soft drinks as a way to have them lose weight.
There was no mention of the additional cost of the 911 calls for cardiac events and hit-and-run accidents that would certainly result.
Perhaps this gentleman has forgotten that in the old days grocery stores were smaller and much closer to the people, not centralized dozens of miles away in huge malls and shopping centers. In the days of yore when he was a poor lad enjoying his beans and rice, there was still horse- and-buggy traffic, buggy whip factories, horsedrawn wagons and Model T Ford cars — no monster SUVs hurtling along the roadways at killer speeds.
I applaud his concern for the struggling poor who generally have more physical problems than the suc-cessful affluent — very com-mendable.
But after reading his letter, I wonder whether I can ever purchase a bag of chips, a candy bar, ice cream or such without first scanning the aisles around me for a nosey man intent on surveying the contents of my grocery cart.
B.J. Gillum