’Round Rockwood-July 9

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By Josephine McKinney

Don’t need to mention the heat. Each of us has felt the enormous heat, especially our farmers who do most of their work outside. Helping animals find some shade is a challenge to anyone trying not only to find some place for the many cows, little calves and horses that will suffer from the extra heat out in their pastures with little or no place to go to find shade in the near 100-degree heat every day and little or no rain in sight.

Meals on Wheels is a wonderful program for our low income, elderly and children in need.
Rockwood has a Clothes and Food Closet on South Kingston Avenue, which provides food, clothing and most any household needs. A money donation is always appreciated to pay for supplies, rent on the building and upkeep of the property.

I enjoyed very much the Air Force Marching Band on July 4 on TV in Knoxville, WIVK and their entire program. The red, white and blue decorations — somebody spent many hours doing these decorations and producing an enjoyable program.

I sure was glad when I heard a knock on my door and Glenn and Linda Gamble from Sugar Grove Valley came for a nice long visit. I sure love to laugh and have fun out of Glenn, the farmer who lets Linda go to the field on their tractor and he stays home to do the cooking. He likes to do easy things, like hamburger on a bought bun and a bottle of Coke to wash it down.