12-12-12: Hopping day to get hitched

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By Cindy Simpson

December is a common month for weddings, but a number of Roane County residents decided to make their wedding anniversary extra special — and easy to remember.

As of 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12, four couples had visited the Roane County Clerk’s office to apply for their marriage license and to tie the knot there with former Roane County Commissioner Una Coffman as justice of the peace.

They were following a common theme.

Many couples around the world decided to make it official on 12-12-12.

It’s the last day in this century in whichthe month, day and year will match up.

“It just seemed like a good anniversary to have. We are going to have a wedding hopefully 12-12-13,” said Sarah Hicks, the newly married wife of Adam Hicks.

The couple have a son, Noah Adam Hicks, 2.

By coincidence, the couple’s landlords were married just before their nuptials.

Sarah said they had no idea the landlords were getting married until they met up at the courthouse.

Another couple was married at Michael Dunn Center, where they met — wait for it —  12 years ago.

Couples who chose the date did so for a variety of reasons, including the spiritual significance of 12.

Twelve is considered a biblically perfect mumber and is common in the New Testament: for instance, 12 apostles, 12 heavenly gates and 12 angels.