5,000th shipment of K-25 rubble hauled off

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URS/CH2M Oak Ridge LLC has shipped its 5,000th load of K-25 Building demolition rubble since assuming management of the East Tennessee Technology Park cleanup contract on Aug. 1.

All shipments were completed safely with no injuries, accidents or transportation issues, said Dennis Hill of UCOR’s Office of Public Affairs and Communications.

The project has shipped about one-third of the total volume of waste to be generated from demolition of the building’s east wing and north end, not including a small portion of the east wing that will require further characterization because of Technetium-99 contamination.

The shipped waste included processed steel, asbestos, concrete rubble, compressors and converters.

The material was disposed of at the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility, the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Reservation’s on-site mixed waste disposal complex.

UCOR’s Waste Management & Disposition organization implemented a waste program strategy that improves support to waste generators to ensure that no waste is generated without a disposal plan, and to ship waste from the point of generation to eliminate the need for double handling and storage.

“We continue to make a concentrated effort to accelerate waste disposition,” said Leo Sain, UCOR president and project manager. “The goal is to dispose of waste as it is generated, rather than stage it and dispose of it later. Our employees have embraced these strategies, and we’ve made great strides toward that goal.”

UCOR is the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management contractor at the Oak Ridge Reservation.

The company is responsible for deactivation and demolition of the K-25 facility at ETTP, as well as other specific scopes of work at ETTP, the Y-12 National Security Site, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.