8-year-old raises substantial money for Relay for Life

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By Katie Hogin

Kingston Elementary School third-grader MyKenzie Price, has already raised more than $1,200 for Relay for Life.
It’s a very personal mission.
The 8-year-old will be keeping her great-grandfather in her thoughts as she walks in the Lenoir City relay May 6.
MyKenzie was very close to her “Pa Paw,” former Kingston fire chief Bobby Scruggs.
“He would take me fishing, and he would push me on the swing,” she said.
Scruggs died after struggling with cancer for four years, and Price will recognize him for her third year at the relay.
MyKenzie will run with Team Walmart in Lenoir City, since that’s where her mother works.
Initially her goal was to raise $100, but she quickly surpassed that checkpoint.
“I’m pretty proud of myself,” MyKenzie said.
Betty Scruggs, Bobby’s wife, has helped her with her fundraising efforts.
“Everybody pretty much knew her Pa Paw, and that’s all it took,” she said.
Although there are prizes for raising the most money, she’s not concerned about winning anything.
“I just know that it will help people who have cancer,” she said, and that’s more than enough for her.
MyKenzie is also keeping Lenoir City resident Kalie Kline, 3, in her thoughts after hearing about the St. Jude’s patient through a prayer chain.
Betty recalled preparing MyKenzie after her Pa Paw’s death.
“She said, ‘Did Jesus come to get Pa Paw yet?’ We told her, yeah, that he did. And then, we were trying to prepare her for going to the funeral home, and she says, ‘Oh,’ — cause he was in his military uniform, and she says, ‘Oh, I get it, Jesus fixed Pa Paw up nice before he took his trip,’” she said.
“He was her life; I think that kept him going for a long time.”