ACAC competes at Pilot meet

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“All I can say is wow. I don’t recall the last time we had a meet this fantastic,” Coach Mike Bowman said.
ACAC swimmers posted best times in 73 percent of their swims. Mason Fischer (8) was a first time qualifier for Southeasterns in three events in the girls 10-Under division.
“She’s only eight and making nine and 10 year old times, just like Jake Mason and other boys her age did last fall,” said the Coach.
Jake (9) was among a fleet of veteran swimmers already going to Southeasterns in nine events. Brooks Maupin (12) revved the engines in six events, and his brother Colby (10) qualified for seven events. Lawrence Zhang (12) qualified in five events while Sydney Goodman (13) flew over the radar in 2 events.
Vidar Hondorf (11), Tiffany Taylor (13) and Ben Thomas (14) qualified in one event.  All of these swimmers also had multiple top 16 finishes.
“Everyone in the older groups swam fast in the preliminaries and then came back in finals and raised the bar,” Bowman said. “I have never seen athletes drop time in the morning and then turn around in finals and cut huge chunks of time again like we did at this meet.”
Alton Alexander, Jake Cheney, Craig Dukes, Andrew Dukes, Victoria Dukes, Kendal Goodman, Christin McAlister, Ainsley Patrick, Bethany Quilty, Steven Qu, Harrison Whitson, Sean Reasor, Sarah Hepler and Julia Mason also fared well for ACAC in the event.