Adding jail cells not the answer to our problem

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Recently, a reader commented that it might be less expensive to taxpayers to just  bail out nonviolent inmates at the county jail rather than pay for food, medical care, lodging and security to hold them for weeks on end.
We can sympathize.
Often times, it feels like law-abiding, taxpayers are the real people getting punished  when it comes to the costs of building and maintaining jails.
We are glad county officials are willing to look more closely at alternatives to lengthy incarcerations.
Holding nonviolent people in jail often has further repercussions: Jobs are lost, family members need government support, children lose a parent and are distracted in school.
It’s a cycle that can be a heap of trouble, and not just for them.
We believe sensible alternatives exist to relieve jail crowding.
These can include ankle monitors or, in the least threatening of cases, releasing some on their own recognizance.
Everyone can appreciate making someone pay for the crime they’ve done.
The trouble is, we’re paying, right along with them.