Addled driver plows into schoolyard

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By Damon Lawrence

Another situation involving a health-impaired  driver in Kingston narrowly avoided becoming a disaster.
A 78-year-old Knoxville man drove his car through a fence at Kingston Elementary School on Tuesday while students were outside playing.
Roane County Director of Schools Toni McGriff said no students were hurt.
Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said he viewed video of the incident.
“The driver came through the fence, kind of did a doughnut if you would say, and was headed back out when he came to a stop,” Washam said.  
It could have been a tragedy, Washam said.    
“He came within a few feet of some children,” he said. “It was a miracle nobody was hurt or killed.”
Washam said the driver, James E. Boruff, has Alzheimer’s.  
“He had no idea where he was at,” Washam said. “He barely knew his name. It was sad that he was even allowed to drive.”
Washam said Boruff probably won’t face charges in the incident, but police do plan to try and have his driving privileges revoked.
“If we believe that a person needs to be retested or to be evaluated, then there is a form that we fill out and send in to the state, and we have done that,” Washam said.
The incident followed one on Race Street Monday in which an 85-year-old driver went off the road near City Park and slammed a van, which slammed the Blue Moon Cafe.
Workers had just moved out of potential harm less than two minutes before.
And in late August, 10 people were injured when the driver of a van had what was believed to be a seizure and plowed through the Classic Styles hair salon on Kentucky Street.
At Tuesday night’s Kingston City Council meeting, officials were in a solemn mood over the spate of similar accidents.
Councilman Don White, chairman of the city’s transportation committee, was asked to report.
 “I don’t have anything but a whole lot of wrecks,” he said.