Adopt a pet for Christmas, but be responsible, too

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Christmas is coming.

Parents will want to surprise their little ones with puppies and kittens. Just keep in mind the responsibilities that go along with pet ownership.

There will be teeth marks on furniture, spots on the rugs, money for pet supplies and pet medications (not cheap).
If you purchase a pet, keep in mind they like to be around people and to run and play, not be tied to a tree or a dog house with no interaction with the family or others.

When they run loose, they run in front of cars and put themselves and people in danger.

They have feelings just as we do. They get sad, scared, hungry and cold.

Adopt a pet for Christmas. Make sure you have them spayed or neutered. Be a responsible pet owner. They will repay you over and over again if you treat them with kindness and respect.

Remember, a pet is forever, not just an exciting and beautiful gift to be cast aside when the newness wears off.

So many are put to sleep every year. Many of them, I’m sure, were Christmas presents, too.

Carol Huppert