Adult business regulations adopted

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By Damon Lawrence

If someone wants to open an adult business in Roane County, they now have some regulations to follow. The Roane County Commission amended its zoning Monday night to put the rules in place.  

The county defines an adult-oriented business as one in which at least 30 percent of the floor stock merchandise is oriented toward the adult population and appeals to prurient interests. Such merchandise, the rules state, generally depicts male or female genitalia, breasts and sexual acts.

A minimum of 1,000 feet is required between an adult business and any residential district, school, church or day care center. A site plan is required for review by the planning commission. The rules also require an adult business to have a planted buffer that consists of permanent evergreens.

“I think it’s reasonable, and I think it should pass,” said Commissioner Steve Kelley.

The resolution did pass 11-4. Ray Cantrell, Stanley Moore, George Nelson and Fred Tedder voted against it.

By putting the rules in place, Moore said, the county is condoning adult businesses. Zoning Officer Kay Christopher disagreed.

“You don’t want them, but they can come,” she said. “This is to put restrictions on them if they do come.”

The regulations do not apply to the cities in Roane County, officials said.