Alleged meth lab in Rockwood

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Rockwood Police found what is believed to be a methamphetamine lab on Tuesday evening in the Evans Heights neighborhood.

Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright credited his police officers for their community patrolling.

Officer Brandon Smith was driving when he saw Raymond Earl Racey, 33, 479 Bullard Rd., Harriman, and knew he had an outstanding warrant and followed him back to an apartment in Evans Heights.

“It was just good proactive police work. That is what I am trying to instill in our officers here,” Wright said.

Smith searched the apartment and found the lab components.

Roane County Sheriff Deputy John Mayes was called to the scene, as well as the Meth Task Force and Rockwood Fire Department.

“We are working with the TBI to further investigate the lab,” said Wright. “We haven’t made any charges on the lab yet. It doesn’t mean they aren’t coming at some point in the future, but right now we are not preparing to charge anybody.”

The apartment as well as a second neighboring apartment were quarantined because of toxic fumes that can come from cooking meth.

It is not the first time Racey has been in trouble in meth-related incidents.

In September 2013, a Roane County sheriff deputy conducted a traffic stop on Interstate 40.

Racey was being taken into custody for an outstanding warrant at that time when police reported Racey said a meth lab was in a backpack in the trunk of the vehicle that belonged to him.

He also allegedly told police he believed he had overdosed on meth and was taken to Roane Medical Center for treatment.

Police at that time charged him with manufacturing meth, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal impersonation and violation of community corrections.