Alliance applauds Volunteer Energy’s informative bill

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The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy recently recognized Volunteer Energy Cooperative for its efforts in keeping its customers well informed with a detailed monthly bill and newsletter that help customers conserve energy and use energy more efficiently.

“Not all electricity bills are created equal,” said Jeannie McKinney an energy efficiency policy associate with SACE’s Knoxville office. “Today, we’d like to commend a local utility company on providing their customers with an exceptionally detailed one. Volunteer Energy Cooperative provides information and advice beyond what the average national utility bill presents.”

McKinney cited a study conducted by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The study placed Volunteer Energy in the top 10 percent nationally in terms of relating useful information about each customer’s energy use patterns, as well as information on energy-efficiency and energy conservation.

Some of the components of Volunteer Energy’s bill that particularly impressed SACE include a detailed breakdown of electric rates, data on previous month and previous year usage, and information on average daily use and average daily temperature.

“Most important to us about VEC’s bills, though, are the highlights and tips about energy efficiency and useage awareness that they also bring their customers,” McKinney said. “There’s a paragraph at the top of each statement which promotes VEC’s free In-Home Energy Evaluation program and provides contact information for the customer to find out more about the distributor’s energy efficiency programs.”

She added, “In addition to this paragraph, VEC also goes a step further to promote energy efficiency and includes a monthly flyer with every bill sent. Called Powerlines, this newsletter provides further information about energy efficiency opportunities and energy conservation tips. Powerlines also offers more details and explanations of electricity terms, so that customers can further understand their bills and how to make use of all this information.”

Volunteer Energy Cooperative President/CEO Rody Blevins said the acknowledgement from SACE is very encouraging.

“We recently put a great deal of effort into redesigning our bills in order to provide as much information as possible to our customers,” he said. “Since we are a cooperative, owned and operated by our customers, we want to partner with them to conserve energy and use energy more efficiently. It not only helps provide a cleaner environment, it produces lower electric bills.”

Volunteer Energy Cooperative is a member-owned electricity distribution cooperative that serves all or part of 17 counties in East and Middle Tennessee. For more information, visit www.vec.org.

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy promotes responsible energy choices that create global warming solutions and ensure clean, safe, and healthy communities throughout the Southeast with seven offices in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. For more information, visit www.cleanenergy.org.