Altrusa offering scholarships to area women

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Altrusa International of Oak Ridge is offering scholarships of up to $1,000 to deserving women to support their pursuit of education and/or training.

Two of the scholarships honor former Altrusa presidents and civic leaders, Sarah Ketron and Pat Rush.

Altrusans seek to encourage and support women who are striving to complete their education, search for jobs and become financially independent.

The scholarships also target re-entry students who have returned to college or other training after interrupting studies for work or family, or students who are beginning their education after an interruption between high school and college.

“One of the key goals for selection is to award scholarships to those who show significant financial need,” said Janet Swift, chairwoman of the Scholarship Committee.

To be eligible applicants must show proof of admission to an institution of higher education (four-year, two-year, technical or vocational) and be enrolled in at least the minimum number of hours required by the institution; complete the application and return it by the deadline; provide a transcript from the school most recently attended; and be available for interview by members of the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship monies will be given directly to the institution to be used for tuition, books and other academic fees.

Applications and all supporting documentation must be emailed or postmarked no later than April 11.

Applications are available at school counseling and financial aid offices or online at www.iiaweb.com/altrusascholarship or www.oakridge.altrusa.org/What-We-Do/Scholarship.aspx.

All applications must be emailed to altrusascholarship@gmail.com as indicated in the application or mailed to Altrusa International of Oak Ridge, P.O. Box 5763, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, Attn: Scholarships.

Altrusa is a civic organization of professional women involved in community service and support of literacy.

Visit www.oakridge.altrusa.org/Who-We-Are/Welcome-Message.aspx for more about Altrusa of Oak Ridge.