Americans are tired of useless Middle East wars

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Republican Sens. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona did not approve of Chuck Hagel, criticized his selection as secretary of defense, and now have been invited to the White House to counsel the President.

I imagine there will be cigars, brandy and maybe a bawdy joke or two will be told but little else will be accomplished. The two “tough guys” will return to their respective constituencies with another chevron on their sleeves for having been to the seat of power and actually making it all the way into the Oval Office.

Soon the unexpectedly cooperative congress will assemble and concentrate their focus on the Libyan “problem.”

They demanded this be debated by the representatives of the American Ppeople and they will have lots of camera time to do so.

Impassioned pleas for revenge of the gassed children, defending America’s waning credibility (saving face), and punishment of the cruel Assad will be heard.

This will all be raw meat for Obama’s detractors who will be quick to try to pre-assign blame to him for any and all future deaths by nerve gas.

Meanwhile, religious and sectarian fighting will continue in the Middle East as it has since the beginning of time; killing men, women and children indiscriminately.

It is time for the international war crimes tribunal to convene and determine Assad’s fate.

The majority of the American people are sick of these useless Middle East wars.

Raytheon will survive without another billion-dollar order for their Tomahawk cruise missiles to replenish those expected to be expended on Libya’s vacated airfields, military posts and command and control facilities.

I hope you recorded the Labor Day fireworks displays so you can just replay them when you feel the urge to support another example of America “projecting” her strength.

B.J. Gillum