Animal shelters mend relations

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By Cindy Simpson

A short while ago Rockwood officials decided to end the city’s contract with Roane County Animal Shelter.
City officials were upset they were getting billed for animals other than those brought by their animal control officer.
That relationship has now mended, with Rockwood officials wanting to make a new contract with Roane County to deal with any overcrowding that may occur at Rockwood Animal Shelter. They hope to get approval of a new contract that would limit the animals the city paid for to those brought in by the animal control officer.
“We have just received a tremendous influx of dogs and cats,” said Mayor James Watts.
He blamed the summer months and animals in heat. He said at the recommendation of Police Chief Danny Wright the city decided to revisit the contract.
Watts said this contract would go a long way to helping the city manage the cost of animal control.
“Very honestly we were paying for a lot of animals that we dropped off by folks. This way the city knows exactly how many animals we take up,” Watts said.
The proposed contract, which was voted for by City Council, would continue the pricing of $10 a day for three days for each animal delivered.