Another takes issue with recent Tea Party letter

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President Obama is the title he holds and deserves to be addressed as, not agitator or dictator.
The United States went through, very painfully I may add, eight years of Republican “bliss!”
President Obama walked into and accepted with dignity and honor this horrible job that was left to him by a Republican president.
Yet, you choose to condemn his efforts... why?
The Democratic party is not responsible for this tragedy from the previous eight years.
President Obama has done the very best that he could do with all of the negativity and racism that he has had to endure, not including the very cruel and disrespectful treatment that he has received from the House speakers and comrades.
Before you cast judgment, try looking in a mirror and recall the previous eight years that we as Americans had to live through, and most of us very poorly, I must add.
Your Tea Party invited Herman Cain, who turned out to be a very disgraceful candidate.
President Obama is only playing with the hand that he was dealt by our famous previous Republican leader.
Betty Malloy