Are those prepaid funeral expenses really covered?

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This letter is to the people of Roane County who think they have made their “final” funeral arrangements, paid in full, with a local funeral home.

Our mother passed away recently and had made her arrangements in 1990.

She was 80 years old at the time and thought her family wouldn’t have to worry about anything financial when she passed away.

When my brother and I met with the personnel of a local funeral home the day after our beloved mother’s passing to make the arrangements for the time of her visitation and funeral, we left with the satisfied feeling that everything was as our mother had planned.  

Little did we know that, two months later, our family would receive a bill for almost $800.  
Give me a break.

So beware, people.  

Your arrangements may be final to you, but possibly not for the ones you leave behind.

Maybe all of us who are considering making our “final” arrangements should consult a lawyer before signing any papers to that effect.  

Rella Plemens Schrimpsher