Assessor wants to change office computer systems

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By Damon Lawrence

Appraisal information for Roane County properties can be found on the state’s real estate assessment data website.

That could change in the future.

Roane County Property Assessor David Morgan is planning to switch to a different computer system.

“I foresee us being totally off the state system around March/April of this coming year,” he said.

Morgan said he’s not happy with the state system.

“It’s just old and archaic,” he said.

Morgan said the system his office is planning to switch to is called AssessPro, developed by Patriot Properties Inc., a Massachusetts company.

“Change can sometimes be good, and change can sometimes be bad,” Morgan said. “I think it’s going to be a good thing for our office and good for the people of Roane County.”

Morgan said AssessPro has more “bells and whistles” than the state system.

“The old system just doesn’t do everything we want it to do, especially the mapping,” he said. “The mapping system we’re going to is going to be much more modern.”

Morgan said the public will be able to access the new system for free, which is also the case with the state website.

“We’ll definitely do our best to work with the state because we want people to be able to access all the data,” he said. “They may not be able to access it through the state website, but there will be a website where they can access it, just as they do now.”

In order to change systems, Morgan must get approval from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury and the State Board of Equalization.

That has yet to happen.

Comptroller’s office spokesman Blake Fontenay confirmed Morgan’s request.

“We have provided Mr. Morgan our typical evaluation questions for him to respond with regard to the approval process for the State Board of Equalization.”

The state provided Morgan with the list of 31 questions in early October.

As of last week, Fontenay said his office had yet to receive Morgan’s answers.

Some of the questions the state wants answers to is how will Morgan’s new system ensure security and integrity of the data, what disaster recovery measures will be in place, how will training on the new system be accomplished and how will the new system provide the things required by Tennessee law.