Aytes wants to give back $3,000

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‘Not fair for me to get a raise, and nobody else’

By Damon Lawrence

Gary Aytes’ contract with the Roane County Board of Education calls for him to get a $3,000 raise this year.
Aytes, the county’s director of schools, wants to forgo the pay increase.
It’s an issue of fairness, he said. 
The 2013-14 proposed budget the school board discussed during a work session on Tuesday does not include across-the-board raises for school system employees.
“It’s really not fair for me to get a raise, and nobody else,” Aytes said.
School system business manager Eric Harbin said Aytes’ request to forgo his raise will have to be approved by the school board.
The board was scheduled to meet in regular session on Thursday after press time.
“I would like for the board to vote on that Thursday night,” Aytes said.
If the school board approves the request to forgo his raise, Aytes’ salary will remain at $110,250 for the 2013-14 school year.
While there are no across-the-board raises in the proposed budget, some school system employees will be getting increases for obtaining advanced degrees and years of service.