Banning guns? Take away rocks sticks, bats, too

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Once again the call for gun control goes out.

Arguably one aim of gun control is to make guns and thus killers less efficient.

For instance, limit magazine capacity to make killers reload and hopefully slow the body count.

Better yet, take away guns entirely and no one will be killed by guns (at least not until a cop goes nuts). 

Problem solved — no more murders, no more suicides, no more accidental shootings.

Of course other methods and means will be found by evil and/or insane people to kill others and themselves. But when that happens, we’ll be prepared.

We’ll know what to do.... Knives? Ban them. Ball bats — ban them. Bricks, rocks, box cutters — ban them too! Sticks, rope, statuary — ban ’em! Ban ’em! Ban ’em!

We’ll keep banning and taking away potentially harmful, inanimate objects from everyone until there is no way anyone can possibly be harmed, harm another, or harm themselves.

What a wonderful world this would be. There’s proof this approach works.

We have a centuries old model that shows banning harmful objects stops bad humans from harming others. 

We have hundreds of these “safe zones” in all 50 states, in every county, and in most cities.

In these sheltered areas all objects that could be used as or made into weapons are banned.

In addition, specially trained law enforcement officers patrol and observe these areas 24/7, 365 days a year, and we all know that no one is ever harmed in our prisons and jails.

Brant Williams