Beer board warns offending businesses

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By The Staff



Harriman’s beer board decided on Jan. 7 to give a strong warning to all seven of the businesses which had employees recently accused of selling alcohol to minors.

Those businesses, as noted last month, are:

• Go Mart, 116 S. Roane St.;

• Lee’s Food Mart, 1901 Harriman Hwy.;

• Lee’s Food Mart, 1859 S. Roane St.;

• Gondolier, 1822 Roane State Hwy.;

• Exxon at I-40, 1833 S. Roane St.;

• El Cantarito, 1011 N. Roane St.; and

• Oasis, 635 Old Roane St.

Employees at these establishments were cited in December during a sting operation by the Harriman Police Department in cooperation with cadets from the Knoxville Police Department.

“I recommend these businesses be warned,” Harriman Police Chief Randy Heidle told the beer board.

Heidle added that he thinks it’s fair to have a fine or suspension in place for a second offense.

Owners of two repeat offenders, Lee’s Food Mart and El Cantarito, will be notified to attend the next beer board to discuss possible penalties for those infractions.

That meeting had not been scheduled as of press time Friday.

Board members said they were unsure whether these businesses had been notified of the previous violations.

Beer board member and Harriman City Councilman J.D. Sampson first made a motion to fine and place these two businesses on probation. He rescinded his motion in favor of asking the business owners to attend the next meeting.

Board member John Strunk’s motion to send a letter of warning to all the businesses, including that a second offense may lead to fines or suspensions, was approved.

Board member Allen Williams, who is the owner of the Oasis, passed on voting.