Bethel Presbyterian a certified NWF habitat site

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The congregation of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Kingston, recently received notification from the National Wildlife Federation that the church has been officially certified as a Wildlife Habitat site.


Church members have been has been working since 2009 to make the landscape around the church more environmentally friendly to nature.

Many areas around the church are mulched to create plant space that improves habitat for wildlife by providing essential elements needed – natural food sources, cover and places to raise their young.

The lake behind the church is a source for water.

The mulched areas have many shrubs and flowering plants, some native wildflowers, birdhouses and cover in which ducks build nests.

The church landscape also includes a three-section compost bin, some blueberry bushes and a small vegetable garden. All this means less lawn to mow.

Produce from the garden goes to Hands of Mercy food pantry. The NWF’s habitat program has been helping wildlife for more than 40 years.

The program engages homeowners, businesses, schools, churches, parks and other institutions that want to make their communities wildlife friendly.

There are more than 150,000 certified habitats nationwide.