Better education should be priority for all residents

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The time is rapidly approaching when high school seniors will graduate, choose their career paths and plot their directions in life.

Gov. Bill Haslam has embraced a new program that provides for all students to attend community colleges or technical schools in Tennessee.

The Roane Writers Group has raised enough funds to award one Roane County senior a $2,500 scholarship plus a $500 cash award.

Tuition assistance, grants and counseling are available to graduating students to the extent that it seems impossible for an average student to be unable to attend college or technical school in Roane County due to lack of tuition money.

A growing number of online schools offer continuing education and technical courses that are focused on teaching specific skill sets students will need when applying for a job.

The unanswered question may be why more of our graduating high school seniors don’t take advantage of these opportunities for a better life.

Is it the home environment, as some suggest; parents’ failure to recognize the connection between more education and better pay?
The world has changed and a new paradigm has emerged — educate or fail as a person and as a nation.

The ebb and flow of international commerce dictates that for America to continue to compete globally we must get Becky and Bubba out of the bass boat and into classrooms of higher learning — starting now.

The rapid transfer of power and wealth to the already super-wealthy is accelerating and the decline of the so-called middle class is increasingly recognized by even the least sophisticated analyst. Trade unions are trashed and their failures applauded by politicians.

So what can be done to reverse the downward spiral into social collapse?
Educate, of course!  

B.J. Gillum