Bible prophecy series starts May 25

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In recent years, stories about Bible prophecies and ancient predictions have become headline news.
Some say the world will end on May 21. Others claim the Earth will meet its end in
With all of this confusion, many people are wondering: Can we know the future? Is it possible to decode the vivid prophecies in the Bible?
From May 25-28, Pastor John Bradshaw of “It Is Written Television” will use the Bible to explore these mysterious prophecies.
Roane Community Seventh-day Adventist Church at 336 Patton Lane will host “Babylon Rising,” the four-part interactive series, broadcast live at 7 p.m. daily from Las Vegas.
“‘Babylon Rising’ will look at current world events and answer the questions people are wrestling with today by examining ancient prophecies that have long been neglected,” Bradshaw said about the series.
This series will show what the Scripture makes of today’s troubled world.
It also illustrates that events as diverse as the tsunami in Japan, the foreclosure crisis and tornadoes in the American South can be best understood in the context of Bible prophecy.
This event will look at issues in the religious, political, social and environmental spheres and reveal the cosmic connection between a reeling planet and a rising “Babylon.”
The meetings will show how the Scripture makes sense of
today’s troubled world, that the Bible can be trusted as reli-
able, and that God is working to fill lives with hope and certainty.
Topics will include “Babylon Rising” on Wednesday, “The Day of the Dragon” on Thursday, “Mystery and Mayhem” on Friday and “The Writing on the Wall” on Saturday.
Each one-hour program
will also include interactive elements through Facebook and Twitter.
Visit www.babylonisrising.com for more details.