Boat Races

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Johnny Teglas
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Should Smokin' the Water continue to include speed boat races or should some other type of water event be considered?

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boat racers

i personally did not like the boat racers i have been going to kingston's 4th of july celebration for 15 years and the boat racers are to dangerous to be down there by all those children my children did not get in the water but i was afraid for others personally i think we should focus more on our kids i know with four high schools around here rockwood,harriman,kingston and oliver springs where is all the musical talent i would love to here more music down on this side we have a stage around from the ball field and let me just get this out last years fireworks not so good i do believe in my all 15 years though 2011 was the bomb it was awesome i would love to see more on the water because they are beautiful but the big bang at the end was great people were screaming all around me whistling kutos to kingston this year for the best out of my 15 years coming thanks for a wonderful family night.

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Boat Racers

That's too bad. I have enjoyed the races for the past two years. I had never attended before. What were the racers upset about? Surely it wasn't the spectators. If it was the organizers, that should be addressed.
Norm Burns

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Considering the manner in

Considering the manner in which the boat racers were treated this past year, the question may be moot. The racers themselves may well make the decision for Kingston and the county. The lack of coordination consideration and dedication on the part of the city toward the race, their officials and the racers left many of what should have been guests of honor with mostly a foul taste of indifference or inconvenience. Most of the individuals I talked with had substantial reservations about a return visit.