BOWERS ELEMENTARY: Thanksgiving also provides food for soul

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By Cindy Simpson

Many Bowers Elementary School students’ families sat down to a Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, thanks to a special program. This year, Bowers gave out 88 baskets. Students enthusiastically carted the boxes out to expectant families who picked up the groceries on Monday. “We have a high need in our school,” said Donna Buck, chairman of the food drive and a kindergarten teacher. “We just knew that we had families that might not have a Thanksgiving.” Buck said the school also wanted to teach children about giving and helping others. “You may give to this food drive, and you may be one who ends up getting a basket, but we all work together, because Bowers is a family school,” said principal Brenda Arwood. Students have a food drive, with the winning class getting a prize. Others in the community help with the effort. “It is mainly student donations, and then we have a bunch of companies that graciously give and churches — lots of churches,” said Buck. “It is enough to make a Thanksgiving dinner. They all get a turkey, and then it is stuffing, the vegetables. They all have a drink, a dessert. They have fruit. It is enough for a meal and then a little bit more,” Buck said. “The teachers submit names, and then also families will call and say they need help this year, and we’ll put them on the list,” Buck said. Fifth-grader Baylee Mize helps with the program. “We brought in two bags of potatoes and two bags full of cans,” she said “It makes me feel thankful,” she added.