Bruner reinstatement official

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By The Staff

The reinstatement of Harriman attorney Spence R. Bruner is now official.

The Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee officially announced the attorney was reinstated by order of the Tennessee Supreme Court on April 25 in a recent news release.

His attorney, Chris Cawood, said last month that it took a panel of the Board of Professional Responsibility about five minutes before recommending Bruner be reinstated.

Bruner was suspended last month on a petition he failed to comply with his Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program Monitoring Agreement, which had expired. The program was established to help attorneys and others suffering from physical or mental issues that impair their ability to practice.

Cawood, who has never lost a case against the board, represented Bruner in the hearing. Local attorneys, as well as Judge Eugene Eblen, also testified.

Bruner said in an earlier interview that when he was referred to the program he needed it, but that is no longer the case.

H e said his noncompliance report was made in the last month of his contract, and during the last months of his contract he had devoted more time to his practice and family.

“...  I firmly believe my clients over the past several years, as well as my colleagues, would attest to my work ethic and my competency in the courtroom,” Bruner had said.

In 2005, Bruner  was censured by the Board of Professional Responsibility for issues including failing to provide timely notice to a client on the resolution of his appeal and failing to attend a hearing, sending his secretary to notify the court and clients he was ill.

He was temporarily suspended in 2008 and later reinstated several months later. A second suspension the following day of his reinstatement was considered served consecutively with his previous suspension  so he was allowed to practice.