Brush with phone scam has man issuing warning

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I received a call recently that sounded exactly like the normal recorded message that I always get from my mail order drug provider.

At first everything seemed normal, same great recorded female voice, informing me of a prescription that was ready to refill.

Did I want them to go ahead and refill it?

I said, “Yes.”

Then the next recorded words were “Say the name of your credit card, then either punch into the phone or say aloud the 16-digit numbers of your credit card.”

This was when this was no longer the normal recorded message from my drug provider.

I immediately hung up the phone and called the number I already had on file for prescriptions.

The woman who answered the phone asked for my ID information to make sure who she was talking to. And after confirming who I was, she asked what she could do for me.

I told her of the recorded message I had just received.

She asked me to hold a moment while she did some checking.

Moments later, she returned to the phone and informed me that their records did not indicate any calls made to me this day.

She said I did the right thing to hang up the phone.

She then informed me that I had a prescription ready for refill, did I want them to go ahead and refill it?

I said, “Yes.”  

It was the same prescription as the first recorded message had indicated was ready for refill so it seems some scammer may have some inside help or certainly had done his homework for he knew all my info.

If you get such a call, beware.

It seems these scammers have a lot of different schemes going for them: anything from wanting to schedule a time for a nurse from your healthcare provider to visit you (I got one of those, too), lawyers threatening you with legal action if you don’t send them money, to several medical scams like the one I received.

And yes, they have recorded messages just like your real health-care provider, and they do have a lot of your info.

A lot of people get their prescriptions mail order.

Be careful!

It seems to me the police should have no problem catching and imprisioning these scammers if they were only interested.

Our government seems to have no problem tracking down one cow with mad cow disease from anywhere in the world.

NSA has no problem listening to phone calls and gathering information on anyone from anywhere in the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if the authorities were only interested in ridding the world of these scammers?

Norman Campbell