Budget time needs full attention

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Now is the time county and city governments are cobbling together their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.
This difficult work is taking place in difficult economic times.
Grants are harder to come by, state and federal funding is being cut back, and yet, state and federal governments continue to add more requirements for local governments to live up to.
Local governments also have to deal with the unrealistic expectations by some residents to have Cadillac services at a Kia price tag.
We feel for public officials who are trying to balance the wants and needs with the actual funds at hand.
We hope our local elected officials, as well as their department heads, will examine their budgets with care and make decisions with prudence.
We recommend that residents watch for and attend a budget hearing to get a sense of how local officials are dealing with today’s issues.
Tough times are when our elected officials can make or break a community.
Let’s hope none of them go for broke.