Burglar shot by homeowner

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By The Staff



A suspected burglar was shot by a homeowner on Old Valley Road Sunday

night. Preliminary reports indicate self-defense in the shooting.

"The burglar had come through the window and made entry into his house,"

Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said. "He was chasing him around the house and then shot him."

Stockton said when officers arrived they found the suspected burglar

laying outside and another male subject with him. That person was taken

into custody. Stockton said they were also looking for some other suspects

who may have been involved.

"We do believe that we'll take them into custody before too long,"

Stockton said.

Stockton said the suspects didn't plan on the homeowner, Eddie Hill, being there -- or armed.

"I think they thought no one was home, and they were shocked to find him at

home," Stockton said. "All the lights were off .... I think they were shocked to find him in there."

Stockton said Hill was not arrested.

"We had no reason to take him into custody" Stockton said.  "Everything he

told us seemed to match with what the physical evidence showed at the