Buying vehicles outright is smart move by county

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A good friend, I see by the Roane County News, is running for county commission.  It seems to me he will be joining a good group.

I was impressed with the decision the commission made to buy school buses outright, rather than borrow money to buy them — thereby saving the interest taxpayers would pay.  

(I noticed this because I used to be on the school board and knew that they had to replace a certain number of buses each year.)  

It turns out they’re doing the same thing with the sheriff’s patrol cars.

On the school board, I worked with Ron Woody when he was the budget manager there, so, since he’s the county executive, I suppose he had a significant part in this move.  

A good feature might be one describing the commission’s current approach toward belt tightening.

Of course, I also appreciate the commission’s support of another project I’m interested in: The Children’s Reading Foundation of the Tennessee Valley.

It tries to encourage parents to start reading to their children early and often.  You may have seen our signs and banners.

Jim Leitnaker