Cameras go up in downtown Rockwood

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By The Staff



Say cheese!

Rockwood’s downtown area has been vexed by burglaries recently.

City officials hope installing cameras along West Rockwood Street will deter crime.

Tentative plans are for four cameras that have been priced at about $3,000 total, but officials are still looking for a better deal, said Rockwood City Recorder Jim Hines.

Mayor James Watts told Rockwood City Council members during a November workshop that he hoped to have a workable system soon.

The police force is doing its part, but the Norfolk-Southern railroad that dissects the city can be problematic, said Police Chief Bill Stinnett. Trains sometimes block officers’ access to one end of town, and a passing train can mute noise a potential burglar might make.

Officers, Stinnett said, “are required to make sure they check all the businesses every hour.”

A new officer may be added soon to help with the problem.

Eight certified officers have applied for an open position. Stinnett said he anticipates receiving about 150 applications from noncertified individuals interested in the position. Those interested have until Dec. 14 to apply.

“Any thoughts about a female officer?” asked council member Ray Collett.

“We could use a female officer,” Stinnett replied. “We’ve had good female officers that’s worked in the past for the city.”