Campground taser battle brings police

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By Damon Lawrence

A Chattanooga man reportedly told police that his girlfriend tasered him in the genitals over the weekend. Police couldn’t determine a primary aggressor and arrested both John Wesley Shingleton and Sonia Gayle Greene.

According to a Roane County Sheriff’s Office report, the incident occurred at the Crosseyed Cricket campground on June 20.

“Ms. Greene stated that her boyfriend, John Shingleton, chased her, pulled her hair and then forced her to the ground where he proceeded to choke her until she could not breathe,” the report said. “Ms. Greene advised that she had a small flashlight taser, which she used on Mr. Shingleton in order to get him off of her.”

The report said Shingleton “appeared to be very intoxicated” when police spoke with him.

“Shingleton stated that Ms. Greene used the flashlight taser on his testicles after which he ran from her,” the report said. “When asked how Ms. Greene received the injuries, he said she fell.”

Police said they spoke with Michelle and Chad Bolt, who said they saw Greene chasing Shingleton with the flashlight taser and heard an altercation.

“Mr. Shingleton then returned to the camp site with the taser,” the report said.

Greene, 41, was charged with domestic assault. Shingleton, 41, was charged with aggravated assault and possession of drug paraphernalia after two marijuana pipes were allegedly found during an inventory of his property.

The report said Shingleton started banging his head on a partition when he was placed inside a Roane County Sheriff’s Office cruiser.

“Mr. Shingleton was advised several times to stop, but as soon as the door was shut he continued,” the report said. “Deputy (Tyrel) Lorenz, fearing for Mr. Shingleton’s safety, applied a two second burst of Freeze + P directly to Mr. Shingleton’s eyes. After applying the chemical spray, Deputy Lorenz was able to gain control of Mr. Shingleton for a short time.”