Chick-fil-A issue not one for govt. involvement

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What kind of country do we live in where a person cannot express what they believe and quote from a notable resource?

I am referring to the restaurant Chick-fil-A and the Bible.

Isn’t this the land of free speech?

Isn’t this what we fought wars for? Since when do politicians choose where and what restaurants the public chooses to eat at?

The politicians have way overstepped their bounds.

If they want their cities to be gay-friendly, so be it, but it is not necessary to sneer at Christian beliefs to show their support.

I don’t understand why gays and lesbians do not create their own ceremony instead of imitating a heterosexual rite that does not match their values and beliefs.

They are creative, intelligent and can certainly write a ritual in keeping with their needs.

I am so disappointed that people are concentrating on punishment if your opinion does not match theirs.

Mary Summerhill