Child found with 4 adults at meth lab campsite raid

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By Damon Lawrence

A Roane County sheriff’s deputy out on patrol Friday discovered a meth lab off Old Elverton Road outside Harriman.


Four adults and a 6-year-old boy were decontaminated at the scene.

“EMS transported him to the hospital just for precaution,” Chief Deputy Tim Phillips said. “DCS (Department of Children’s Services) accompanied the ambulance to the hospital.”

The adults were taken to the Roane County Jail. Phillips said they will face drug charges.

Phillips said the clothes the suspects were wearing would be discarded for safety reasons.

“So when we transport them it doesn’t contaminate the vehicle and when we get to jail it doesn’t contaminate our jail,” he said. “Everything they were wearing, they won’t get it back.”

One was taken from the scene in a hazardous materials suit, and the others were taken away in jail fatigues.

“Any time we get somebody with a meth lab, they go through a decontamination process and if we have jail clothes, we’ll put those on them,” Phillips said.

“We thought we had enough jail clothes out here, but apparently we didn’t, so one is going to be transported in a Tyvek suit.”

The adults were identified as Tammy Laymance, 46, Albert Phillips, 30, Cheri Lynn Shadoan, 25, and Chad Strunk, 26.

According to sheriff’s office records, Laymance, Shadoan and Strunk are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, manufacturing a controlled substance and reckless endangerment.

Phillips is charged with manufacturing a controlled substance.

Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said the suspects had been camping in the area with the 6-year-old.

“Deputy Brandon Smith found them on patrol this morning,” Stockton said.

“He saw the components of the meth lab laid out on a tarp, and it was obvious what they were doing.”

Stockton said the 6-year-old was hungry.

“I asked him if he wanted anything to eat, and he said a Dr Pepper and Chicken McNuggets,” Stockton said.

Stockton’s wife is a supervisor at McDonald’s, so they were able to get the child what he wanted to eat.