Close the border, once and for all, resident declares

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Just a few days after a sweeping victory by the Republican Party in the House and Senate, President Obama, with the stroke of a pen, neutered Congress again. There was nothing hidden in his agenda. In one simple executive order he granted a form of amnesty to his new “priority minority,” while at the same time abruptly ending any celebration by the GOP.

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander and U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann’s victories were silenced.

The president moved closer to his goal of growing the dependent class and establishing a broader Democrat Party voting base.

In this action, regardless of his words, he has also turned on another green light for millions of people south of our borders. He does this at the peril of our culture, our language and our security.

This is also another redistribution scheme to “spread the wealth” in America. Only this time the beneficiaries are not even American citizens.

If on Nov. 4, a majority of Americans voted for change in Congress to affect bypartisan, get-along Kumbaya in Washington, any notion of that abruptly ended with this executive order.

Emperor Obama let it be known who is calling the shots and Congress and the voters be damned. That is not likely to bring a GOP Congress to the campfire singing.

The question now is what will the new GOP-controlled Congress do next? There are the usual rumbles of impeachment, the noise of legal action in the courts, holding up the impending continuing resolution shutting down the government, holding up Obama appointments, and on and on.

While the frustration must be high, cooler heads will prevail and once again the GOP will crumble under the fear of “the arena of public opinion.”

So given the recent history of the GOP’s weak knees, perhaps a better way to tell America that Congress is relevant is to once and for all close the border.

They should consider the benefits of putting a clean, well-funded bill on Obama’s desk that will close the border.

Finish the fence that was started and abandoned, finish the electronic security systems, increase the manpower, enforce the penalties for repeat offenders.

The bill should have a deadline for completion. They should also amend the outdated “foot on soil” law that is currently used by nonborder countries to scoff at our immigration policy.

Forget comprehensive immigration policy, just secure the damned border.

“Comprehensive immigration reform” has been a political tennis ball used to delay the obvious task at hand — securing the borders. Congress should put a bill on the president’s desk and dare him to veto it.

Perhaps this could restore some minor relevancy to the U.S. Congress.

Just one Roane County man’s opinion.

Charles Smith

Ten Mile