Clothes Closet offers more, but needs your help

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For 13 years, The Clothes Closet in Rockwood has furnished clothing, books, toys, and school supplies to children; pajamas, jogging outfits, robes and house shoes for nursing home residents; business clothing for clients to wear to a job interview and to their workplace; everyday clothing, and clothing for funerals and weddings, certain colored slacks and shirts to many clients to wear to work.

We have provided new and used furiture to numerous families whose homes have burned, to abused mothers and children who have to relocate and start over, along with household goods and food.  

We have been able to supply clothing to other agencies to help with their ministry.

We still have many donations to help our community’s needy, but now we need monetary funding to keep our doors open.  

Our volunteers work six days a week helping to make our community a better place to live.  

Please mail your check to The Clothes Closet, 562 S. Kingston Ave., Rockwood, TN  37854.

Every donor will receive a receipt for tax purposes.  

We invite you to come visit us Monday-Friday to see what we do to help our community, or call 354-4227 and speak to Judy or Helen should you have any questions about how you can help our community.  

Judy Zumstein, director