Clowers to play for Tennessee Wesleyan

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By The Staff



Harriman senior Doiron Clowers has worked hard throughout his high school career and now that hard work has paid off as the Blue Devil midfielder signed a soccer scholarship Wednesday to play for Tennessee Wesleyan College.

"I'm extremely excited," Clowers said after making it official. "This is something I've really been wanting."

Clowers' road to signing scholarship papers, however, was anything but smooth. It had nothing to do with his ability, but rather getting recognized. Harriman isn't a powerhouse in soccer, and Clowers has played for four different coaches during his career.

"He basically contacted us over the Internet and stayed in contact," Tennessee Wesleyan head coach Aqeel Rasheed said. "He came and practiced with us last spring, and we were impressed with his foot skills and aggressiveness. We think he's an all-around good player."

"It's been tough having a different coach each year," Clowers said. "Plus some of the time we didn't know if we would have a team, and I thought I might have to play somewhere else."

The coaching changes, however, have helped Clowers become a more rounded player. Last season, Clowers moved to midfield instead of his forward position, and he believes changing positions has benefited him in the long run.

"I needed to move to midfield last year to make the team stronger, but it has helped me because I know the field better now," Clowers said.

Field awareness is big at Tennessee Wesleyan, and that is one thing that Clowers will always need to work on, according to Rasheed.

"I'm not saying that he isn't aware, but we're always looking for players to know what's happening both on and off the ball," Rasheed said. "That comes with playing more. We want him to be comfortable on the field and to know what's going on around him instead of him just seeing where the ball is."

Before becoming a Bulldog, however, Clowers has some unfinished business at Harriman.

"I know I've got a lot of work to do before I play in college. The game is faster, and I've got to work on my skills and team work," Clowers said. "But right now I'm worried about this year. We're going to see if we can have a winning season. We've never had that at Harriman, and that's what we're looking for."