Commissioners attempt to bell the cats political

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On behalf of the many great cats at Tiger Haven I would like to thank state Rep. Julia Hurley for not signing the Roane County Commission's destructive Tiger Haven bill.
The commissioners all know the cost of placing tracking collars on 280 plus big cats would be an onerous financial burden for this worthy but cash strapped nonprofit.  
Moreover, as Tiger Haven has no history of escapes, follows the law, and is highly rated by the TWRA, we should be thankful that freshman state Rep. Hurley was sharp enough to see this move for what it was — a thinly veiled attempt to push Tiger Haven closer to closure.
I say if the County Commission and the people of Roane County want tracking collars on those animals let them buy them.  
I bet the folks at Tiger Haven would even allow the commissioners to personally install the collars on the cats.  
I just hope someone remembers a camera.
I'd love to see what happens when a lion or tiger decided it wasn't in the mood to accessorize.
Bottom line, our commissioners ought to stop picking on this retirement home for unwanted great cats and work on something important like keeping local truckers hauling for TVA.
Besides, if they asked me, I'd tell them they're acting like a bunch of grannies with their panties in a wad because they no longer have a puppet on their string.
PS.  Since the Roane County News story on Tiger Haven, several of the commissioners claiming Rep. Hurley won't communicate told me personally (one via phone and one face to face) that they have never had a problem reaching Hurley.
In fact, when I asked them about this, each one said that they have always been able reach her.
One said "I just hung up from speaking to her" and the other said "I just got an email from her."   
Why would they be saying one thing in public and another in private?  
Could there be a political motivation?
Brant W. Williams