Complaint against McFarland dismissed by state commission

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By The Staff


Roane Newspapers

Life is all good right now for Roane County Attorney Tom McFarland.

He said he was recently awarded full custody of both his children after a contentious divorce.

A sexual harassment complaint against him has also been dismissed.

“I don’t believe this complaint was filed because I’d done anything wrong,” McFarland said. “I think it was filed just to get the headlines.”

Former employee Twanna Lane, who worked for McFarland at his law office on North Kentucky Street in Kingston, filed the complaint with the Tennessee Human Rights Commission.

She claimed she was subjected to daily harassment by McFarland.

He denied the allegations from the start.

“You can’t file something like this unless there was at least eight employees in the firm,” McFarland said. “Of course, in my case there wasn’t, so they knew before they filed it they didn’t have a case.”

Lane said the complaint was dismissed on what she called a technicality because there was no employer-employee relationship between her and Roane County.

She still contends the harassment happened.

“I could care less about politics,” she said. “That’s just always his excuse.”

McFarland has political aspirations beyond his position as the man elected to handle the county’s legal affairs.

He’s contemplating a run for state senate. He contends the complaint was filed in part to derail that run.

“I’ll never let that type of person determine my career actions or any other actions,” McFarland said.

McFarland is aware that good fortune can turn.

And he probably hasn’t heard the last of Lane.

“The truth hasn’t come out,” she said. “The truth is in my safety deposit box at the bank.”