Congress should compromise to live like we do

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How did we become a nation of people who blame anyone and every one for all of our problems?
It’s the fast-food industry’s fault that my child is overweight, it’s the school system’s fault my child can’t read and write, it’s my father’s fault I’m not wealthy, my government has failed me. The list goes on and on.
It’s high time we stop blaming others for our problems and start looking for ways to resolve them for ourselves.
If you don’t want your child to eat junk food, don’t buy it. Children don’t buy the food they eat; their parents do. Read to your children when they’re young, and have them read to you. How can a child get to high school and their parents not know that they can’t read? Yes, there are people who can’t read and write who have done all right for themselves, but that was then — and times have changed. Just think what they might have accomplished with a little more education. There are many people who never even had real parents and still rose to the top of their fields.
The world is starting to realize the results of socialism in Europe and yet every year we move a little closer to it. We have serious financial problems facing our country, and neither party is willing to make the tough choices it will take to fix them.
They called their last budget a compromise. Tax cuts for the wealthy and free money to the poor — how is that a compromise? You can’t please all of the people all of the time.
Now we have a crisis, which they created, and they still want to play the same old games. I am a simple man, and I have a simple solution to the problem. I call it “the 1-percent plan,” but it needs to go a little beyond that for elected officials and their staffs. The “company” they work for — us — is beyond broke, so they should take the biggest hit. Not only should they take a 10-percent cut in their pay, but they should also cut their congressional payroll by that amount or more. Let’s make it a contest and see who can cut the most. That would give them bragging rights in the next election. As far as I’m concerned, they should all live in public housing and receive food stamps, if they are eligible.
In order to fully explain my plan, I will have to go beyond the space I usually get from the Roane County News, but it is very simple. Cut all benefits 1 percent and raise all taxes the same every year until the budget is balanced. That would force the Democrats to explain to their constituents why their benefits were going down every year, and the Republicans would have to explain, to theirs why their taxes were going up every year, until the budget is balanced. That would be a compromise.
Fritz Stevens