Conservatives need to change extreme rhetoric

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The political climate in Washington changed briefly after the passage of a law to reopen government and extend the debt ceiling into 2014.
Tea partyers stepped to the microphones to bemoan their failure with long faces, disappointment written all over them.
Even U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz modified his strident tone and became less preachy.
U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell actually smiled as he described what had transpired.
Naturally he didn’t mention the huge bribe his state was paid for giving his support to the bill. It was described as saving many millions of dollars had the lock replacement project been delayed.
Let’s face it, this project is needed and would have progressed at any cost but this way it gives the wiley Kentucky lawmaker cover with his political base.
Having said that, (my least favorite saying) I’ve noticed that the strident tones and threatening statements have already begun to return to the airwaves.
Both senators have already voiced their intent to “continue the fight” against the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, which is their way of saying “Obamathere”, meaning “in the White House.”
This is clearly meant to play to their racist extremist base.
As the chasm between wealthy and poor widens in America the African-American, Hispanic and Asian communities will become increasingly empowered by their increasing numbers.
It may cause the tea partyers to moderate their rhetoric and tone accordingly — one can hope.
B.J. Gillum