Consolidation of schools? Writer doesn’t like idea

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The school board has mentioned it is planning a study on school consolidation.  

Consolidation is not a good idea in my opinion. Say Rockwood High was closed and then we had to bus high school students to Kingston where a larger high school was build.

A lot of new families moving to Roane County would probably not move to Rockwood if they had to bus their children to Kingston  and so would live in Kingston or wherever there was a high school.  

Same for industry.  A factory may not move to Rockwood if its workers didn’t have a school in Rockwood.

Those who say small schools are not efficient, or ineffective, or they cost more, should provide real evidence, not just rhetoric or politically correct studies.  There is increasing evidence and studies that smaller schools provide a better quality education than large ones.  A recent U.S. Department of Education study says “A higher percentage of students , across all socioeconomic levels, are successful when they are part of  smaller, more intimate communities.

Security improves and violence decreases, as does student alcohol and drug abuse.”

According to the Department of Education, schools of 1,000 or more students experience 825 percent more violent crime, 270 percent more vandalism and 1,000 percent more weapons incidents, compared with those with fewer than 300 students.

Sam Doughty