Country is broke and only Repubs can fix it

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Columnist Gerald Largen believes that America is not broke.
Has he seen the U.S. debt clock which has just surpassed $14 trillion? Our spending, especially on government programs, has got to be cut.
Largen used several illustrations to indicate that if America is so wealthy, it can afford to pay for government services and programs.
America’s wealth is in its people and private enterprise, not in government spending programs.
This is the richest country in the world, so why aren’t we drilling for oil domestically so we can wean ourselves from foreign sources and put more people back to work?
We do indulge in the luxuries that technology (Facebook, etc.) or trade brings to us, so why shouldn’t those who work hard for their money and success be afforded that right? These benefits come not from the growing of government, but protection of our freedoms that are best exhibited by a limited government that acts in the best interests of all Americans.
And everyone knows that when you are fighting two wars, there is a serious drain on the Treasury and our military so to grow government like we have the last two years (25 percent increase) is a flawed strategy.
And why are corporations amassing trillions of dollars and not investing — because of the uncertainty created by the policies of this administration. Programs such as Obamacare have already affected corporate decisions negatively, and there are now over 700 groups that have received waivers from Obamacare. Corporations can amass these trillions because they pay skilled people lots of money — this is the capitalist system which helps make this country the greatest on Earth.
California and seven other states are close to bankruptcy.
The way out is putting Americans back to work through growing private enterprise.
Largen wants more of our wealth spent on government programs and services — this sounds like the redistribution of wealth and this administration is trying to achieve just that.
Paul Crawford