County restores Davis Road to list

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By The Staff

County commissioners voted Monday night to restore Farley Davis Road to the road list at 1.7 miles.

The situation has been under review by the road committee for several weeks and members of the McCartt family were happy with last night’s decision.

Descendants of Pleas and Annie McCartt brought their concerns along with their attorney to the October Morgan County Road Committee meeting.

Quenton Henry, who now owns property formerly belonging to his grandfather Farley Davis, blocked what he believes to be his private property.

Henry used a mound of rocks and concrete to block the road which is a “faster and safer” route to the McCartt homeplace, according to the McCartt children.

The barricade prevented them from accessing their homeplace from the Mill Creek side.

Road Committee Chairman Terry Jackson has spent hours researching the history of the road. County Attorney Joe Judkins reviewed Jacksons research and recommended that the county restore Davis Road to the road list at 1.7 miles.

Jackson’s research did not find any act by the commission removing the road from the road list.

Attorney James Wilson, who represents, Quenton Henry, asked county commissioners to consider what the county has actually been doing regarding the road. Wilson said it has been at least 20 years since the county has done any work on the road.

Members of the McCartt family see the county restoring the road to the road list as a victory. They said they appreciate the time and effort county commissioners and the road committee have devoted to the matter on their behalf.

They say they just want to be able to enjoy the place where they grew up without having to travel miles out of their way, over a rough road that leads them by the place where their brother was killed in an automobile accident.

Jackson admitted that there are still some questions the county records just do not answer but he recommended the county follow Judkins’ recommendation.

It is yet to be seen if the barricade will be removed or if the matter will eventually lead to a lawsuit with a judge making the decision.