Cute sells, and Roane County tot is adorable

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By Katie Hogin

Chances are you’ve seen Kingston resident Brady Rogers on a billboard along Interstate 40.

Brady, 4, is part of Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee’s auto advertisement campaign to “move over and save.”

His parents, Marty and Rhonda, signed him up at 18 Karat Model and Talent Management when he was 2 years old.
They have an open call every Monday.

While the shoot was more than a year ago, the billboards started springing up about seven months ago. They are scattered across the state.

“They don’t really call you and let you know a lot of the times,” Rhonda said. “You just see them. Wonder where else he is across the state, but who knows?”

In the shoot, which occurred in Louisville, Tenn., Brady was in the back seat of a minivan set up in the studio, sticking a hand puppet out the window.

“I actually ended up being in the car beside him to help reassure him,” Rhonda said. “You can’t see me, of course.”
Marty added that Rhonda’s hand is actually the one holding the puppet.

“It’s not always as it appears, is it?” he said. “He can be quite stubborn at times, but he eventually complied with them.”

“I’m not sure you can manage a 2-or-3 year-old. I guess you can try, just like we tried,” Rhonda said with a laugh.

Brady has also been involved with another shoot for a local bank, but it didn’t work out.

When asked whether Brady thinks it’s cool that he’s on a billboard, he simply said: “Yeah. She thinks she’s my mom,” referring to the female model driving the minivan.