Death pictures posting was vile, malicious act

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My family would like to thank District Attorney General Russell Johnson for his comments and support pertaining to the malicious Facebook posting of pictures from my brother, Bill Jones and his friend’s murders.

It was in my and most everyone’s opinion a heinous act, as well as an admission of guilt.

This latest ploy for attention is not surprising, as Rocky and Leon Houston are like two dogs with the mange.

No matter how much they scratch, it is going to spread until it finally consumes them.

They may not be in prison, but they hold themselves prisoners in their own vile evilness, which will, thankfully, lead to their own downfall.

Another heinous act was from the creature who posted the pictures online.

Not only did this Leisa R. post them but also sent a “friend” request to my brother’s 12-year-old daughter so she would see her daddy with his life’s blood drained from his body and riddled with bullets.

Her mother thankfully intercepted this evil act before my niece could see them.

I would say this constitutes as malicious intent, and I hope her mother seeks legal action and prosecutes to the fullest extent she can.

God is holding a very special place for these evil people.

Rose Jones
Bill Jones’ sister