Did you know

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... that while Roane State is well-respected as our local community college, Roane County once had two other institutes of higher learning?
In Harriman

The first was in Harriman, where what we now know as the Temperance Building was used as the part of the American Temperance University.

In 1898, its second year, the university enrolled 345 students from 20 states.

Believe it or not, this school is in the college football record books.

Trust us, it’s not a good thing.

In 1905, American Temperance University took on the University of Tennessee  in football on UT’s turf.

American lost the game 104-0 — giving up the most points ever scored in a single game by UT.

The college closed — perhaps in shame — in 1908.

And, in Wheat

 The other Roane college was called just that — Roane College.

It was in Wheat, a once-thriving community plowed under for the construction of the secret city  of Oak Ridge for the Manhattan Project.

 Roane College, which opened in 1886,  evolved from a seminary school.

It grew into an accredited four-year college that enrolled up to 200 students, many of them living in a local boarding house or in homes in the community. Much of what they ate came from crops and food produced right there in Wheat.

Like American Temperance University, Roane College also closed in 1908, although its building was later used for high school classes.

Roane County has a proud background in education — and has long since forgiven UT for its shameless thrashing.