Dispose of hazardous household waste the safe way next weekend

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Roane County households may dispose of possible hazardous wastes in a free and safe way during next weekend’s Household Hazardous Waste Day at the recycling center at 215 White Pine Road, Midtown.

Household hazardous waste materials will be accepted from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 5. No business, agribusiness, school or church waste will be accepted.

Household hazardous waste includes flammable, corrosive, reactive or toxic materials.

These items should not be placed into regular household trash but should be disposed of safely in a way that protects the environment and people from harm.

Household hazardous waste includes:

From the workbench — Degreaser, paint thinner, stain remover, fluorescent bulbs, sealant, wood stripper, solvent and rust or wood preservative.

From the garage — Antifreeze, gasoline, brake fluid, engine degreaser, carburetor cleaner and kerosene.

From the house — Art-and-craft supplies, moth balls, floor cleaners, rechargeable batteries, drain cleaners, photo chemicals, chemistry sets and metal or furniture polish.

From the yard — Fertilizer, insect-repellent sprays and strips, rodent killer, herbicides, pool chemicals, muriatic acids and pesticides.

No medical or infections waste, explosives, radioactive materials — including smoke detectors — or empty containers will be accepted during the household hazardous waste collection.

Residents are also asked to refrain from bringing paint for disposal during this special event. Paint may be disposed of during weekly collections each Tuesday at the Post Oak convenience center at 123 Post Oak Valley Road, Rockwood.

Alkaline batteries, which no longer contain mercury, can be thrown away in household trash.

Call the Roane County Recycling Center at 590-7779 for details.