Diviseness is costing taxpayers big money

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Here’s another reason to be concerned — very concerned — about the non-stop partisan bickering going on in Congress:

It has cost taxpayers tons of money!  

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office reported that the prolonged fighting in Congress last summer over the debt ceiling cost taxpayers at least $1.3 billion!

As originally reported in The Washington Post, and later briefly summarized in The Week (Aug. 3),  “the delay in increasing the debt limit forced the Treasury Department to pay extra borrowing costs, including hundreds of overtime hours for federal employees tasked with avoiding default.”

That wasted $1.3 billion could have been spent in much more positive ways — like reducing the federal debt, or saving Medicare, or repairing our roads and bridges.  

Let’s turn off the TV and call or email our Congressmen and let them know of our outrage at such foolish wasting of taxpayer money.

Ann L. Ragan
Oak Ridge